Providing Medals for Sport.

5 Steps for Buying Custom Sport Medals

There are a lot of steps to consider when custom manufacturing award medals.

Decide on Die Struck or Cast.

We offer custom die struck gold & silver medals at Mission Awards. What does the term “die struck” mean? It’s a contemporary form of forging– a process that allows for heightened density, durability and lack of porosity. So, with our die struck gold & silver medals at Mission Awards, we can make 3 dimensional levels, cut outs and window effects, etc.

If you want enamel (paint) you need to decide on hard or soft enamel.

A hard enamel pin is smooth and flat with a scratch-resistant finish. Soft enamel pins and coins have slightly raised metal edges around each section of the design to give it a more defined look.

The size of your medal will influence price. Read

An original shape is a frequently chosen option to design a medal. With Crystal Concepts any shape is possible. In the design proposal, which you request here free of charge and without obligation, we will always propose a medal with a round shape and a medal with a different shape.

Neck Ribbons: select stock or full custom

necklet is a type of decoration which is designed to be worn and displayed around a person's neck, rather than hung (draped) from the chest as is the standard practice for displaying most decorations.

Depending on the ribbon you choose, you'll need to pick a slot loop or clip ribbon attachment.

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